New Year's Eve dinner


The surprise menu is a compilation of the best SanBo dishes in this 2019. It consists of a welcome appetizer, 2 first, 2 seconds (meat and fish), two desserts, grapes and nougat. Water, coffee, wine and cava are included

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Our kitchen

At SanBo Restaurant, we believe that food is what gives you life, so we try to fill our recipes with life, color and love.


We cook with local seasonal products, many of which come from organic farming and fair trade.


We believe that eating a balanced diet is an important part of good health for everyone, which is why we offer meals that bring an added value to our body in a creative and fun way.


Our executive chef, Xavier Aguado, brings you fresh, dynamic and informal cuisine, with an essence of Catalan roots that fuses with elements from all over the world.


The menu


full 14.50€   |  1/2  11.50€

From Monday to Friday, closed on Tuesdays


The menu consists of a first course, a second course and a dessert, with a glass of wine or water included.

Weekend Lunch

full 25.00€   |  1/2  19.50€

Saturdays and Sundays at lunch.


The menu consists of two first courses, a second course and a dessert, with two drinks included (wine, coffee or water).


7 dishes 35.00€   |   4 dishes 22,50€ (only on Thursdays)

There are seven surprise dishes prepared by our chef, from Thursday to Saturday evenings. Of these seven dishes, three can be considered first dishes, two are considered seconds (one with meat and the other one with fish), and two desserts (drinks are not included).


Since it is a surprise menu, we request you to notify in advance allergies or intolerances to any product when booking. This way, we will adapt to your needs and make the most of your experience.

Who we are

Xavier Aguado

After having been trained in Edinburgh as a cook and having had various gastronomic adventures throughout the Catalan territory, Xavi became eager to share everything that he had learned over the years and make you part of it all by carrying out his own project.


Visit us

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Carrer dels Calderers, 10   |    Girona 17004 


Our Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00

Closed on Tuesdays

Thursdays - Saturday from 20:30 to 23:30



Tel: 972-60-65-31  |  Email:


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